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In 2011, we set out to create a series of family-owned businesses. Our faith in God is important to us and so is our family. We had worked in large corporations in operations and project management but wanted to build a business with a personal approach and focus. 3 Cord Design

3 Cord Design LLC, located in Frisco, TX, was incorporated in 2016. We chose the name to recognize that we need God in the center of our business. It comes from a phrase in the BibleA rope made of 3 cords is hard to break. Ecclesiastes 4:12

Ruth has always enjoyed the creativity of embroidery.

She created decorated clothing for her children and now her grandchildren.

Custom embroidery is a classic choice for business and professional apparel, as well as great looking logos on shirts, school/team apparel, hats, jackets, bags, and more. Embellishments of rhinestones, glitter and other vinyl can be used to bling your apparel. We also have a wide range of products that will help promote your business or your event.

Whether your job is large or small, we will work with you to solve your personalization and branding needs and strive to make your customization experience seamless and enjoyable.

Check out our Gallery page for samples of the work we’ve completed for others!

Phone: (469) 440-8870
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